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Massachusetts Electrocution and Electrical Accident Injuries

Electrocution occurs when a person’s body becomes part of an electrical circuit or stuck in a localized electrical arc. This can happen in a variety of situations, most generally when someone touches a live-wire or a low or high voltage electricity source. Massachusetts electrical accident injuries may be caused by high voltage sources (over 100 volts), low voltage alternating currency (AC) contact, and direct current (DC) contact, such as with train rails.

Whether an electrocution accident is fatal depends on many factors. Higher currents and voltages are more lethal. The longer the duration of contact with the source of electricity, the more damage it will cause. The current’s route and frequency are also significant; if a current flows through the heart, it may cause cardiac arrest.

The most common injuries resulting from Massachusetts electrical shocks are Massachusetts burn injuries. However, other serious and more permanent injuries can result from electrocution, including neurological damage and cardiac arrest. Additionally, secondary injuries that result indirectly from the Massachusetts electric shock may also be severely damaging.

Massachusetts Burn Injuries

Many victims of Massachusetts electrocution accidents die from complications involving burns, rather than from the actual electric current itself. There are three kinds of burns that may be sustained in a Massachusetts electric shock accident: electrical burns, arc burns and thermal contact burns. All three burns may occur simultaneously in a Massachusetts electrocution accident. Contact with high energy sources of over 500 volts often causes internal burns. Internal burns are a result of the resistance that the electrical current faces within the body, which in turn causes body tissues to heat up.

Massachusetts Electric Burns

Electric burns have a deep penetration within the body and occur when electric currents flow through bone or tissue. The severity of Massachusetts electric burns is determined by the circuit’s voltage, the duration of the shock, its pathway through the body and the body’s resistance. Massachusetts electrical burns include an entry point and exit point, where the electricity enters and leaves the body. The hands are common entry points, because electrocution usually occurs after touching an electrical source. The current may pass though the body and exit through the leg. During its pathway through the body, the electricity may affect muscles, arteries, veins and nerves, and also cause internal burns. If the electricity enters in one hand and exits out the other, it is probable that the current passed through the heart, which may cause ventricular fibrillation. Massachusetts electrical burns require immediate medical attention, as they are some of the most life- threatening injuries that a Massachusetts resident can sustain.

Massachusetts Arc Burns

Arc burns, also known as flash burns, can also be sustained in a Massachusetts electrocution accident. Massachusetts arc burns generally occur when a Massachusetts electric arc or Massachusetts electrical explosion creates a significant amount of heat near the body.

Massachusetts Thermal Contact Burns

When the skin touches an overheated electric conductor, conduit or other piece of electrical equipment with a hot surface, a thermal contact burn may occur. Overheated electrical machinery or wires, or electrical equipment that produces sparks, may cause clothing, combustible dust and other flammable materials to ignite, resulting in additional thermal burns. Massachusetts thermal burns range in degree and severity, and should receive medical attention right away.

Massachusetts Ventricular Fibrillation

Ventricular fibrillation, namely an irregular heartbeat, may result if an electrical current passes through the heart in a Massachusetts electrocution accident. Even power supplies of 110 volts running through the body for less than a second may be enough to induce ventricular fibrillation. Massachusetts ventricular fibrillation is often fatal because the cells in the heart muscles cannot coordinate the necessary pulse to keep blood pumping and circulating throughout the body. Massachusetts electric shock accidents involving high voltage currents of over 100 milliamps may cause the heart to stop, resulting in cardiac arrest. If the heart can be restarted quickly, either by a defibrillator or CPR, the person may survive the Massachusetts electrocution accident. This explains why it is so important for Massachusetts industrial sites where Massachusetts workers frequently come into close contact with electricity to have the proper first aid equipment and training.

Massachusetts Neurological Damage

If an electrical current passes through the head, it may cause loss of consciousness, which can lead to brain damage. Additionally, any type of electrical current may interfere with the nervous system’s control of the body. This is particularly dangerous when the brain loses control of the heart and lungs and breathing stops. Severe Massachusetts electrical shock may cause Massachusetts victims to suffer permanent damage with respect to learning and memory. The injured Massachusetts resident may live with psychological damage and muscle spasms for the rest of his or her life.

Massachusetts Indirect Injuries

Massachusetts electrocution accidents may cause secondary injuries that result indirectly after the actual shock. Massachusetts electric shocks may cause a loss of bodily control, including involuntary muscle spasms, which may lead to sprains, broken bones or bruises. A Massachusetts resident receiving an electric shock may also fall from a height and hit his or head, resulting in traumatic brain injury or even death depending on the height of the fall. Even people who do not sustain a shock to their body may suffer injuries from the consequences of a Massachusetts electrical accident. Electrical currents can start fires or cause Massachusetts explosions in volatile atmospheres with flammable gases, vapors or combustible dust. High-energy arcs may also damage equipment and cause metal pieces to fly off and cause injuries.

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