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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Massachusetts electrocution accident?

Electrocution is severe electrical shock that occurs when an individual comes into contact with any source of voltage that is high enough to pass an electrical current through the body. Massachusetts electrocution accidents may result in severe injuries or even Massachusetts wrongful death depending on the electrical current’s voltage, duration, pathway and frequency.

2. Who is at risk for Massachusetts electrocution accidents?

Individuals who work at Massachusetts industrial workplaces or Massachusetts construction sites are most at risk for electrocution injuries because they frequently come into contact with exposed wires and high voltage electrical sources. However, any Massachusetts resident may sustain an electrical shock from common household electrical appliances, such as hair dryers and microwaves. Babies may also be injured if they bite an electrical cord or stick their finger in an electric outlet.

3. I sustained an electric shock while working. What are my rights?

Massachusetts claims against employers for injuries sustained in on-the-job Massachusetts electrocution accidents are often limited to Massachusetts workers’ compensation claims. Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits generally cover medical bills and lost wages. However, Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits may not fully or sufficiently cover all of these expenses. In addition, Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits do not provide compensation for pain and suffering.

Therefore, it is in the injured victim’s best interests to consult with an experienced Massachusetts electrocution injury lawyer to find out if a Massachusetts personal injury claim against a third party defendant is possible.

While Massachusetts personal injury lawsuits may generally not be filed against Massachusetts employers, there may be a valid Massachusetts personal injury claim against a third party. This may include a defective product manufacturer or a contractor with whom the Massachusetts employer is affiliated. In certain circumstances, your Massachusetts employer may be liable for damages to you if he or she breaches the legal duty to provide a safe workplace. A serious violation of regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), such as using an improper type of electrical cord or failing to provide electrical machines with safety guards, may leave a Massachusetts employer liable for damages in a Massachusetts civil lawsuit.

4. Who may be liable for my Massachusetts electrocution injuries?

After sustaining an injury or suffering death, victims of Massachusetts electric shocks and their families rightly wonder who was responsible for the Massachusetts electrocution accident. Massachusetts power companies, Massachusetts construction companies and Massachusetts landlords are all obligated to follow Massachusetts and federal safety standards in order to protect Massachusetts workers and Massachusetts residents from electrical dangers. Unfortunately, Massachusetts building owners and companies do not always adhere to these safety standards and rules. In these instances, negligent individuals and negligent business entities may be held liable for damages to Massachusetts residents injured in Massachusetts electrical accidents.

When a Massachusetts electrocution accident occurs at a Massachusetts workplace, the injured Massachusetts victim may wish to file a Massachusetts personal injury claim against a third party. Anyone involved in the chain of production of a defective product, including designers, manufacturers and distributors, may be liable for Massachusetts electrical shock injuries that their faulty or defective product has caused. Electrical product defects may include faulty wiring, insufficient warning labels or instructions, loose parts or overheating. Massachusetts contractors whose negligence contributed to the Massachusetts electrical accident may also be held liable for damages.

In Massachusetts electrocution accidents involving a power line, a Massachusetts power company may be liable if they failed to keep the power lines in good repair. Additionally, Massachusetts maintenance companies responsible for keeping power lines visible and free of vegetation or other hazards may be responsible for damages to injured Massachusetts residents.

Massachusetts landlords may also be liable for any faulty wiring on their leased Massachusetts property. Massachusetts homeowners are responsible for keeping their property in a safe condition for visitors. Massachusetts landlords or negligent Massachusetts electricians may be liable when poor or faulty wiring causes Massachusetts electrical fires or Massachusetts electric shock. Massachusetts electrocution accidents may occur if there is an absent or inadequate insulator for electrical wiring or damaged wiring. Massachusetts electrical injuries that occur on private or commercial property may lead to a meritorious Massachusetts premises liability claim.

5. How do I prove liability in a Massachusetts electrocution case?

In order to win a Massachusetts electrocution accident personal injury case, you must first prove the defendant’s liability. This involves demonstrating that the allegedly liable Massachusetts company, Massachusetts individual or Massachusetts government entity was negligent. In Massachusetts electrocution injury cases, negligence is generally shown by proving that there was a failure to follow an electrical safety regulation. Once negligence has been established, it must be shown that the defendant’s negligence caused the Massachusetts electric shock accident that led to the plaintiff’s injuries.

The National Electrical Safety Code provides minimum safety standards for indoor electrical safety in businesses, work sites and homes. The National Electrical Safety Code also provides minimum requirements for outdoor electrical safety involving power lines and power transmission. Other federal and Massachusetts organizations, such as the Massachusetts Public Utility Commission, may have additional requirements imposed on electrical wiring and equipment to which all Massachusetts residents and Massachusetts employers are required to adhere. A highly skilled Massachusetts electrocution accident attorney specialist can help you sort through these confusing rules and regulations and use the relevant information as evidence in building the strongest Massachusetts personal injury case possible.

6. How can Massachusetts electrocution accidents be prevented?

Massachusetts employers can prevent Massachusetts electrocution accidents by making sure to follow all of the regulations and rules set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All safeguards should be in place for machinery and equipment and Massachusetts workers should be adequately and properly trained on working in close proximity to electrical equipment and wiring. All Massachusetts employees should be trained to understand emergency procedures in case of a Massachusetts electrocution accident and know where first-aid supplies are located. CPR training is also valuable.

There are also many simple precautions that Massachusetts residents can take to avoid electric shock accidents in their homes. To protect young children and pets, electrical outlets should be covered and electrical cords should be kept out of reach. Massachusetts residents should hire a Massachusetts electrician to evaluate and repair any electrical problems in their homes. Care should also be taken when using electrical appliances; Massachusetts residents should be aware of any dangers associated with using electrical products.

7. What is the statue of limitations for Massachusetts negligence claims?

Massachusetts is governed by a statute of limitations which limits the time you have to file a Massachusetts personal injury claim. Injured victims whose lawsuits are not filed within this time may be barred from any monetary recovery. It is critical that you contact an expert Boston, Massachusetts electrocution accident injury lawyer as soon as possible after your Massachusetts electrical shock accident before your rights expire. Call us today at 617-787-3700 or email us at

8. Do I really need a lawyer to represent me after a Massachusetts electric shock accident?

Yes! It is extremely important to contact a Boston, MA personal injury attorney right away after you are injured in a Massachusetts electrocution accident. The defendants will hire an experienced defense lawyer to help them settle the case for as little money as possible. In addition, the involved insurance company will try to settle your claim for cheap money. Having a highly skilled and knowledgeable Massachusetts personal injury attorney on your side is the only way to make sure you get full and fair compensation for your injuries arising out of a Massachusetts electric shock accident.

The Massachusetts electrocution accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have the experience and skill to aggressively pursue your case against tough opponents. We have represented Massachusetts electrocution accident victims who have suffered burns, broken bones and neurological damage as a result of their injuries.

Our Massachusetts electric shock injury attorneys have helped our electrocution accident clients obtain compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, emotional distress, decreased quality of life, lost wages, scarring and disfigurement, lost earning capacity and disability. The mission of our Boston personal injury law office is to get you all of the money to which you are entitled, while providing you with superior client care and legal services.

When you choose us to represent you after your Massachusetts electrocution accident, our expert Massachusetts electrical accident injury attorneys will begin by conducting a thorough and complete investigation into your accident. We will gather all of the necessary evidence, including medical records, witness statements and expert testimony to build the strongest case possible. Our Boston, MA electrical accident lawyers will determine the correct value of your case and handle all communications with the insurance companies to ensure that you do not get misled or cheated. We have the skill to negotiate higher settlements for our Massachusetts clients and to litigate in Massachusetts courts if you decide to pursue a lawsuit.

Our Boston personal injury law office provides all Massachusetts victims of electrocution accidents with a free and confidential case evaluation. The Boston electrocution accident injury attorneys at our Massachusetts electrical accident personal injury law firm are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you. We will meet you at our conveniently located office, the hospital, your home or another location of your choosing. Please call our Massachusetts electrocution accident lawyers today at 617-787-3700 or email us at and take the first step towards protecting your rights.

9. My loved one was killed in a Massachusetts electrocution accident. What legal options do I have?

Massachusetts law recognizes the emotional and financial suffering endured by families of Massachusetts residents who have died in tragic electric shock accidents. Parents, spouses and children of Massachusetts residents killed in a Massachusetts electrocution accident may be entitled to bring a Massachusetts wrongful death claim against the involved negligent parties. Our Boston, MA electrocution accident wrongful death attorneys will fight to get you compensation for your funeral and burial expenses, lost financial support and loss of consortium. Your family does not deserve to suffer financial ruin, in addition to your emotional pain, for someone else’s carelessness or mistake.

Contact our Massachusetts electrical accident wrongful death attorneys today by phone at 617-787-3700 or email us at We will help you obtain the resources you need to achieve justice and move on with your life.

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