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Causes of Massachusetts Electric Shocks and Massachusetts Electrical Accident Injuries

Massachusetts electrocution and other electrical accidents can be caused by a variety of factors. They often occur at Massachusetts industrial work sites and Massachusetts construction sites where there is exposed electrical wiring or significant worker exposure to electrical equipment and contact with electric machinery. However, Massachusetts electric shock accidents may also occur within the home. Any instance where a power cord is placed near water, power is not turned off during electrical repairs, or adequate precautions and training are absent when making such repairs, presents a risk for electrocution injuries. The following are common causes of reported Massachusetts electrocution accidents.

Massachusetts Power Line Electrocution Injuries

An estimated 40% of Massachusetts electrocution deaths result from contact with overhead power lines. Massachusetts power line electric shock accidents can occur under a variety of circumstances. When a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident involves a hit Massachusetts power line pole, a wire may fall and electrocute a person. Electric wires may also become loose and cause injuries after a storm. Overgrown trees covering Massachusetts power lines also present an electrical hazard to the public. Tree branches may hide power lines and cause injuries or even death to Massachusetts laborers or Massachusetts homeowners working on ladders at nearby buildings. Electrocution injuries can also happen to children who are climbing trees and come into contact with a hidden power line.

Massachusetts Electrical Appliance Electrocution Injuries

Many Massachusetts residents are unaware of the electrical hazards posed by common products found in their home. Even when electrical appliances are used properly, faulty products may still cause Massachusetts residents to sustain electrical shocks. Hairdryers and curling irons may cause electrocution if they come into contact with water or have defective cords or other faulty parts. Microwaves are also extremely dangerous, and should only be fixed by a professional Massachusetts electrical mechanic. Microwaves can cause electrical shocks even when they are unplugged, and their high voltage can lead to serious injuries in the event of a Massachusetts electrocution accident. Despite regulations and standards established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), some product manufactures still fail to follow safety standards or place warning labels on electrical appliances. This creates a danger for Massachusetts consumers who may be unaware of the possible hazards associated with using the product.

Massachusetts Extension Cord Electrocution Injuries

Damaged extension cords that are fraying or faulty in any other way may cause severe Massachusetts electric shocks. It is critical to routinely check extension cords for wear and tear. All damaged extension cords should be thrown away and replaced. Extension cords should also be kept out of the reach of pets or children who may chew on the cord and sustain a fatal electric shock.

Massachusetts Electrical Outlet Electrocution Injuries

Faulty or damaged electrical outlets create a risk of Massachusetts electrical shock in Massachusetts homes, Massachusetts offices and Massachusetts schools. Young children may be electrocuted if they stick their fingers into an electrical outlet. All outlets in a Massachusetts home with children should be covered in order to protect children from electrical shocks.

Massachusetts Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Electrocution Injuries

There is a danger of electrocution anywhere that electricity is close to water. In old hot tubs and pools, Massachusetts electrocution may result from underwater lighting or damaged or defective wiring and pumps. Extension cords and other electrical devices should be kept far away from swimming pools and hot tubs, and they should not be operated by a swimmer until the swimmer has completely dried off. Owners of Massachusetts pools in poor repair that cause Massachusetts residents to receive electric shock may be liable for damages to injured Massachusetts residents.

Massachusetts Construction Site and Other Workplace Electrocution Injuries

Massachusetts workers at Massachusetts construction sites and other Massachusetts industrial workplaces frequently come into contact with electrical sources, whether in machinery, equipment, power lines or wiring. Such consistent contact with control panels, live wires, circuit breakers and power lines can and does lead to a significant number of Massachusetts electrocution accidents at job sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that every year, approximately 350 construction workers die in electrocution accidents. Defective wiring is the leading cause of Massachusetts electrocution accidents and injuries at the workplace. Massachusetts construction workers may come into contact with live wires by touching the wires with their body or while operating a machine that hits the wire, such as a crane. Secondary injuries, such as burns, may be caused when faulty Massachusetts wiring causes a Massachusetts electrical fire. Electrical shocks may also cause a Massachusetts construction worker to fall from a height and sustain broken bones or a traumatic brain injury. Defective electrical machinery and power tools may also cause electrocution, even when they are used correctly.

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